Download Zombie Dash for PC Windows

Zombie Dash for PC Windows is an action adventure game where your town is on the verge of destruction and you have to save yourself and the town from the hands of the zombies. The complete town is filled with the walking-dead zombies and only way to stop them is to blast through them. In the game, you would be provided with a machine gun to blast as many zombie waves as you can. There are numerous special weapons in the game which are more powerful and take down zombies with ease, but you can only pick them up in the game.

This game is very easy to play and you just need to jump, shoot, run and repeat to survive, take down and penetrate into the infected zone as much as possible. The graphics of the game is very attractive with detailed location, characters and weapons to make the game a visual treat. You can enjoy the game in two different modes: Boss mode and the Classic mode, offering different type of gaming experience.


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