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Wild Blood for PC Windows is an action game based on the life and adventures of Sir Lancelot. The story has taken a new twist in this game and is widely different from what you know it to be. King Arthur has advanced his romance towards Queen Guinevere, the wife of Sir Lancelot. And in the other hand, sister of King Arthur, the evil and powerful sorceress Morgana has opened the gates of Hell and has also captured Guinevere. Sir Lancelot has to confront King Arthur, rescue his wife and also defeat the evil forces to save the world.

A wide range of enemies to take head on that counts for a total of 20. Some of them are bosses, powerful than the others. There are 10 interesting and exciting levels and a wide range of traditional weapons to be used in your war to protect the world and rescue your wife from the island of Avalon.

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