Download These Robotic Hearts of Mine

These Robotic Hearts of Mine is a game that is definitely not created in order to impress with the graphics. They are really low resolution ones and the players that start this game should know this beforehand, because not everyone might enjoy such a low level of graphics, but the gamers that want to enjoy a game will enjoy it even if the graphics are not high end ones. These Robotic Hearts of Mine is a unique adventure that is built using less than five colors in order to give life to the weird universe in which things happen.

This universe is filled with a lot of different things and the player will have to learn how to get to the end of each level in order to progress to the next one. In the beginning, the player will have to get through easy levels that are pretty intuitive regarding the gameplay. It is not pretty difficult to figure a way around these first levels of the game but as the player will progress, he will have to learn how to deal with more intricate puzzles that require more attention from the player in order to see the solution.

Sometimes, this solution might be easy to figure out but other times, the player will have to study the surroundings more in order to find the key to the next level. Interesting enough, the game also features a small side story that will be unraveled as the player progresses through the levels and they are quite a few so the adventure is guaranteed, even if it does not take place at a fast pace that will require too many attention from the player. In conclusion, even if the graphics are not too evolved, the gameplay is really interesting and it deserves a try.

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