Download The Walking Dead: No Time Left

The Walking Dead: No Time Left is the fifth game in the series and by far the best of the lot. The game is developed by Telltale Games and came out in November 2012. The game has a good plot where the gamers get to play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer. However, things turn haywire when the dead rise from the grave and The Walking Dead: No Time Left turns out to be his punishment and penance for crimes done.

The Walking Dead: No Time Left is about Clementine getting kidnapped by forces not of our realm. It is up to the gamers to get her back to safety. Clementine happens to be the child of the protagonist, and much like any father, Lee plans to go to any extent to rescue her. The game is replete with zombies and is a great adventure to be a part of. The game has made its name owing to fast action and chaos. The game comes equipped with puzzles, which has always been the backbone for every adventure game and is kind of organic. It is a game which focuses on the desperate struggle and violence.

The Walking Dead: No Time Left is perhaps a better zombie game than most such similar games out there. The brutality and the appropriate musical score add tons of value to the game. Believe it or not, but The Walking Dead: No Time Left is a great adventure game worth the penny that you shell on the same. It is challenging and makes a good impression.

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