The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead

Download The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead

The latest installment to The Walking Dead series is a killer! The game is titled The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead. It has a soul that helps you dig deep into your emotions. The character Lee Everett answers a lot of intriguing questions that change the course of his life forever. Once you are into the game, you would know that the Macon crew has survived and that the people leave Macon and go on an exodus to Savannah. The game is replete with zombies, trains, road trips and tragedy waiting at every corner of your journey.

As the game progresses you would be able to feel the misery running deep inside the people around you. Emotions like friendship and romance become risks. It is a traditional point and click game set in varied locations and houses more puzzles than the previous games of the series. Here you get to investigate, explore, and dish out death to the undead. The game introduces new characters thus getting more and more challenging when it comes to trusting the newbie’s.

The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead would have been incomplete without a cliffhanger and this game has one. However, it is rather loosely connected with the story and would confuse rather than shock you. The mid-point of the game is the most compelling portion of the story. Each episode thus far has been very unique and so is The Walking Dead: Long Road Ahead. The change in Lee’s priorities and the sudden change of setting to Savannah makes the next in the series to be very promising indeed.