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The Sagittarian 3 is not the usual type of adventure game and this type of genre might be really interesting to some of the people that are playing these games. The fact is that these games were the base of the current games that exist on the market and a lot of people already forgotten them, unfortunately. However, some developers really enjoyed the genre and they are still creating small adventure games that are based on the older ones, from the beginning of the gaming. They have different features and they are better than the retro adventure games, but the essence is the same.

The Sagittarian 3 is a text based adventure game, to keep it short, and it is really enjoyable. It has graphics, of course, but they are very basic and simple because there would not be the need for something else that might be too complicated and unnecessary - the developers wanted to keep the game as simple as possible in order for the people to enjoy the story itself and not other elements. This is the problem with other games these days, that they are created in such manner that the player is taken away from the overall story.

However, The Sagittarian 3 is designed to keep the player focused on the actions that he might have to do in order to accomplish different objectives - thus, the game features multiple story lines and the player that starts one will definitely want to start the others, too, in order to maximize the replay ability and have as much fun as possible while finding out all of the secrets that are placed within each of the play throughs. Overall, the game offers a really good value and players that want a different game from the current ones will definitely enjoy this one.

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