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A product that has been designed and developed by Ubisoft and published online by the same entity, The Jungle Book is an adventure game that is based on the popular book of the same name.  In this wild adventure, you have to guide Mowgli, the hero of the actual story, through various levels of adventures and help him become the King of the Jungle.

Each level takes you through different adventures that you must tackle and complete successfully to move on to the next level. There are around 20 different levels in all; and completion of all these levels will help make Mowgli the King of the Jungle. Clearing these levels require good game play as well as good intellect. For instance, instead of fighting with the monkeys, which only complicates his task, he can use the bananas to lure them. However, everything cannot be accomplished with such intellectual tricks; there are also instances when Mowgli would have to engage in fighting.

Mowgli is integrated with various fight moves to attack and sub-due his enemies. The gaming environment has been optimized for Game Boy Color and therefore, offers a look and feel of the actual movie based on this story. Although based on a children’s book, the game claims to be an ideal entertainment for people of all ages. You can enjoy yourself by helping Mowgli tackle the different levels with wit and guts; and you can help him survive to his adulthood and to being crowned the King.

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