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Point and click adventure games might not be for everyone, but they are definitely something that must be tried in order to give a little challenge to the mind and train it to better see the things that are useful and how they can be actually used in order to reach for the objective of the quest. In these games there is a main quest that must be followed but there are also some other things that must be done for a player to reach that main objective. This game has that kind of objective and it will not be so easy to reach it.

The game requires the player to find all of the Tanookys that are hidden somewhere in a house. The house has four different stories and the player will start from the bottom one. Then, he will have to find a way to reach the upper levels but as the doors are locked, the player will either have to find the key or actually find an alternative way to reach these new places. However, nothing is impossible in this game, and it will only be a matter of time until the  player will find the solution to the puzzle.

These Tanookys must be found in order to fulfill the objective, but the other interesting aspect of the game is that these statues do not even look the same and it will be much harder to find them - however, the player will be able to make some good use of the hints that are available for the game, but they are limited and they should only be used if they are really required. After the twelve Tanookys will be found, the player will be able to complete the story and use these statues for what they have been designed.

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