Download Stick War 2: Order Empire

Stick War 2: Order Empire is  a game that follows up with the events that happened after the action of the first installment. In this new game of stick wars, the player will have to control a stick that is more than he looks like. A totally new campaign has been created for this game and it is highly advisable to play it in order to have at least the same amount of fun like in the first game of the series. The missions that are featured in the game are highly entertaining, especially if the player has some knowledge about this genre and what he should do in order to win the game.

The game looks nicer than the first installment, as it has better graphics with neater textures. However, both of the games are based on Flash and it will be quite interesting to play them as they are really light weight. The character of the game, along with the others, are made out of sticks, just as the title says, and it will be really interesting to control them in battle in order to win everything that is required to progress further with the story of the game.

Each of the characters has its own health bar above the head and this is an easy way to keep track of everyone's health in order to give a fatal blow or to revive a friend that is in need. It is really interesting that despite being only stick men, they are able to bleed just like real men do. Of course, added for a bunch of more fun throughout gameplay. The statues of the enemies are the central elements of the quests and they will ultimately have to be destroyed in different ways in order to provide the winning status.

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