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Steam Pilgrim is an action adventure game that will take the player in a dangerous environment. The place in which he is currently is filled with weird occurrences and because of this, one worse thing happens. People disappear and they are not returning back to their homes - the remaining people in this area do not want to leave their homes so it is up to the player to find end destroy the source of evil or whatever is out there, kidnapping people. It will be a pretty long and tiring adventure, but it will definitely worth it.

The beginning of the game will present a short briefing about the story of the game and afterwards the player will have to start his first patrolling mission, in which a few weird enemies might appear. This will happen more and more often as the player does more patrols and eventually he will have to engage in dangerous battles in order to protect the lands and destroy the enemy. However, he will have some helping hands on the way, even if they are his hands - as the player kills enemies, he will receive experience and this experience can later be used in order to upgrade certain skills of the character.

There is an interesting skill tree available in the game and the player can go on whatever path he wants to, in order to make his character better. Other than this, if the character has earned enough money, again by killing enemies, he will be able to purchase better weapons and they will prove to be really useful when the enemies get bigger and stronger - the whole adventure will be a dangerous one but it will also bring in some fun time to the player that will be glad for helping the villagers.

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