Star Trek: Legacy

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Imagine having all the Star Trek campaigns stacked together at one place! Well, Star Trek: Legacy is all that and much more. The game boasts of good starship combats and would indeed appeal to all the Star Trek fans round the globe. As you delve into the game, you would get to be Archer, Picard, Kirk, Janeway and Sisko. You would be commanding a special Starship taskforce of four Starfleet vessels. The game is about Borg and continues to grow interesting with each passing level.

The mere fact that you get to be the legendary captains of the Starfleet vessels make things interesting. The game includes tough controls which are indeed hard to master and would surely give a hard time to amateurs. However, the game has overall good execution and gameplay. You get to fly the ships in third-person perspective. The crazy mission designs would indeed keep you glued to your system. The missions are way too hard and seem to be meant for professionals at play.

Star Trek: Legacy has been designed for Windows PC and Xbox 360. It is more of a good looking version of games like Klingon Academy and Bridge Commander. The game has a rather loose plot as it was quite hard to rope in the original Enterprise and the Next Generation series in a single package. However, the writer’s have done that in the best possible way and churned out a good game for all the star Trek fans spread across the universe. Once in, you would be pitted against the Romulans, Borg ships and Klingons. It is worth every penny that you shell on the same.