Slender’s Woods

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There have always been a bit attracted to the notions of horror and thrill, be it in movies or in games. They have always wanted to live the fear that so grasps them that they can barely move with fear of something bad happening. To satisfy their needs, Zykov Eddy, a game developer, has finally programmed a game worthy of this situation and allows players to do exactly the thing. It is a horror game which involves a hypothetical mythical creature commonly known as Slender man and the plot is situated in the woods. The creature Slender man has to go through a series of obstacles before reaching the end of the game.

Slender’s Woods is a unique adventure game which involves the protagonist roaming around in the woods trying to get to the objective. This time it is not about being the one to collect a certain number of artifacts in order to complete the game. It is a story depicted very clearly in a lucid style and the protagonist needs to solve puzzles in order to proceed. The game offers two game play modes which are the story mode and the page collecting mode. In the story mode, the man decides to suddenly move to a house in the woods for some time. There he comes across something mysterious and he decides to check it out and so on and so forth.

The game involves many interesting things and the following awesome features which are included in the game play are surely a hit amongst the huge fan base that already exists: the page collection mode needs the player to collect some trophies in order to survive, it has an amazing story and game play experience is high as well resulting in its wide popularity amongst gamers of all types.