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Riddle School marks the beginning of the first adventure that the main character, a boy named Phil, will have to complete in order to advance. However, even this first adventure will prove to be rather difficult because the teachers and everybody else will be the enemy of the young boy that was sent to this school. The main problem is that parents think that the Riddle School is an elite institution in which only the elite children are allowed. However, as soon as the parents leave the apparently greatest education facility, things become a real hell.

This is the case of Phil, too, who was sent by his parents at this school. However, as soon as the first class starts he feels that something is not okay and he wants to leave the room. However, he will need a good method in order to escape and finding this is crucial because time is flying and he does not want to wait until the end of the class in there. Phil does not have too many helpful items on his hands but he will be able to save the better ones for later use, if he finds the opportunity.

The game is built as a point and click adventure and the players that like this genre will definitely love this game, which is only the beginning of a long series that features five more games with interesting features, too. Ironically enough, the exit is exactly near the classroom in which he is currently, but because of the lock down, the door can be compared to a brick wall. However, Phil knows that it must be another way around and he will do everything that is possible, being helped by the player to reach all of the objectives that must be met in order to leave.

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