Download Ricochet Kills 3

Ricochet Kills 3 is a really interesting game that will put the players to the test as they try their best to take down all of the enemies. However, this game is not a shooter game, as some might expect, but actually a skill one that will allow the player to give his best shot to take down everyone. The name of the game should point towards a hint regarding the contents of the actual gameplay and if it is not obvious enough, then everyone should know that the game features a pretty simple physics engine that will ask the players to make the enemies ricochet one into another in order for all of them to go down.

This method of taking down the enemies will not allow the players to use infinite weaponry, though - there is a limited number of bombs that must be used in order to achieve the highest possible score - if this does not happen, the player is still allowed to use more bombs but each bomb that goes over the maximum allowed will decrease the score and the player will earn less. And this score is mandatory in order to access the latter levels of the games which are featured in the bonus areas.

There are fifty standard levels in the game and they will have to be completed with a certain overall score in order to access the other twenty bonus levels. There are a total of seventy different levels in the game, all of them are interesting and they will allow the player to find a strategy that can be used in order to win the level. There are certain achievements that will be unlocked and the player can check the requirements for each of them - they are not really hard to be unlocked but the game will have to be completed.

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