Download Rail Rush for PC Windows

Rail Rush for PC Windows is an amazing, addictive and very interesting adventure game. The game puts you on a carriage speeding on the rails and you have to survive without hitting dead ends, obstacles and broken rails. On the way along the rails, you have to collect precious stones, gold and gems to score higher points and unlock power ups.

There are 9 different worlds to be played, with numerous levels and some are even hidden and require special performance to be unlocked. The avatar is also numerous with over 17 different choices in your hand. To survive more and survive in the tougher levels, you need a very good experience and practice, or you can use the power ups that feature interesting powers to help you survive in most treacherous conditions. With stunning graphics, numerous achievements to accomplish and a leader board to show your ability among the other players of the game, this can be your next addiction.

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