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Postal III is a game replete with humorous undertones and outrageous twists in the plot. Here, AIDS infected monkeys bulge people’s faces. Sounds amusing, doesn't it? Well, your task is to slay a gang of gay cowboy’s bikers riding Segways. As the game progresses, the gamer would get to behead pedestrians and then urinate on their corpses or light them on fire. Some of the game’s humor is really clever.

So, what is Postal III about? Well, most of the times the gamer would have to dish out death to rivals and go about basic fetch and deliver quests. In spite of a lot of repetition the colorful nature of each task, remains interesting to an extent. You can always take a brief diversion to tarnish or destroy the local populace. Postal III’s artillery is one of its notable high's. Shredding someone to death with a live, rabid badger is something awesome never tried before any game. Throwing a hive of killer-bees at the pedestrians and watching them withdraw in horror, using a laser pointer to send your dog barreling towards someone’s groin and dousing people in gasoline does make Postal III a unique game.

However, this is not all about Postal III. There’s more to it! Shotguns, machine guns, machetes and pistols are the quickest way to dish out death to baddies. Postal III is replete with action and the well crafted visuals make it look all the more gorgeous. The characters are life-like in terms of behavior and looks. The uniquely crafted environment further boosts the charm of the game.

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