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If the previous Papa's challenges were not enough, this one should be much more demanding than the others, but the experienced players that managed to get through the previous games of the series will find this one as entertaining as the others. Tacos are not too much different in the making from other foods that were present in the game, but the businesses are already successful and people will flock to this shop in order to get some Papa's food, which is greatly appreciated in the area. And in order for the business to run at full capacity, a skilled player is required.

Papa’s Taco Mia! allows the players to create three different profiles in order to play the game. So more people can load up a save and play their own business in order to achieve success. It will not be a hard task, but the player should be prepared to do it in order to succeed. There is no time for a second thought so everything must be completed in the first try, otherwise the customers will be disappointed and the expected amount of money will not come into the business.

Ultimately, this hurts the character because he will also have a lower payout, so it is mandatory that the player does his best in order to provide each customer with the taco that he has asked. A lot of people means that there will also be a lot of different recipes and the player will have to sort them out in order to complete them all. It should not be too hard, but the key element of the game is to pay attention. Afterwards, it should not be too hard to earn money from selling tacos and everything will become a pretty interesting adventure in business running.

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