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Papa’s Pizzeria is the first game in Papa's series and it is also the simplest one to get through, even if generally speaking, the beginning of a business is the hardest part in managing it. However, it might also be simpler because there are just a few things to manage and the customers are not too many. But Papa seems to have some really special ingredients that allow him to get to the customers and make them his, because they will definitely be in love with the pizzas that are sold here.

However, pizzas are not sold by Papa himself, so he needs someone to help him with his business. And the player is the perfect employee that he could have, so he needs to prove that he is not replaceable.  If he does a good job, he will manage to become one of the most trusted employees of Papa and he will give him a raise. This will work out and it will help the employee get the money that he wants. Sometimes, customers will have more requirements from their pizza and these must be fulfilled exactly in order for the player to win the maximum amount of money.

Papa’s Pizzeria is overall, a really interesting game that allows players to have a really nice time as they play and try to serve the best pizzas to the customers. Everything should be in its place in order for the player to receive the maximum amount of money. And if he does well, he will probably be promoted and he might be a part of other shops that will launch in the future. Nonetheless, Papa’s Pizzeria is a great game that must be tried by everyone that wants to get over the classic shooters or racing games that are popular nowadays.

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