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Papa’s Freezeria is another interesting game in the Papa's series. It seems like he is a successful business man and he has a lot of money and time to invest in different businesses. However, he cannot sell at the counter in every of these locations, thus he needs people to do it, but he only needs the best people that are able to do the job as they are required to. And one of them is now the player who will start working at Papa's Freezeria, a brand new shop that offers some nice desserts to its customers.

Earning money in this game is not a hard task, but it will require more work in the beginning, as the player tries to do something good in order to impress the first customers. If he does a good job, then these customers will further recommend the Papa's shop and more people will come to see what is going on here - hopefully, the majority of them will leave satisfied as they were able to purchase the wanted ice cream that can be decorated with all kinds of sweets, depending on the customer's requirements.

The shops that provide such a nice flexibility when it comes to the featured recipes are preferred by a lot of customers and they will not be too late when they come to the shop, they will enjoy the dessert that is sold here and they will pay good money for it. However, the player should also prove that he is caring regarding the customers in order to serve the ice cream as soon as possible and have the recipe correct for each customer. When numbers tend to stack up it might become harder but this is the moment in which the customers will see the value of a good seller.

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