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It seems like the businesses are up and running in Papa's empire - he managed to start and run different food shops and all of them are currently successful, but the show is not over. One of the oldest businesses that he created, the Burgeria, needs a new employee to take care of the customers' orders and it seems that the player is the suited one for this job. He can choose to be a boy or a girl, depending on his preferences, and afterwards he is ready to start working in the shop in order to earn money.

The first shop was the Pizzeria but now the Burgeria needs some help from the player, and he might be able to do it pretty good if he sticks to the tips that are featured in the beginning. These tips will prove to be really helpful if he manages to get the business running, and the money will flow in as the players discover the good burgers that are sold here. Like in any other business, the beginning is the hardest part that must be taken care of, but afterwards it will become easier and easier and the hero will be able to earn more money as the revenue of the whole business will be increased.

More and more people will come to eat a burger at this famous Burgeria and the player is expected to offer quality services in order not to disappoint these customers. If he does not do this, the profits of the business will suffer. However, the game is definitely not hard and it will be pretty interesting to create the perfec

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