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Need To Feed is a really colorful Flash game that will allow players to engage in an interesting and puzzling world from which they will have the opportunity to escape, but only if they manage to finish the levels that are featured in the game, because it is pretty addictive and every player that gets his chance through it will definitely enjoy all of the elements that are built in the game. Basically, just as mentioned before, the game is an interesting puzzle game that allows the player to slice different cookies that have various shapes.

The cookies will have to be cut in such a way that they will fit in the monster's mouth. The term of monster is a little bit inappropriate because the creature is pretty nice and amusing and just wants to be fed, like any other pet would wish to. However, feeding this big guy will be harder than feeding a normal cat or dog, and it will require some skill from the player, which will be in turn, awarded with different scores and medals depending on how good they managed to do in the level. The maximum consists of three golden stars which will be awarded for the perfect slices of the cookie.

In order to achieve three stars, the player will have to make the least possible number of slices. There is an indicated number of slices that should be done and if the player does more than this number, he will receive only two or one star. Because of this, the game will also require some skill and some logical thinking in order to achieve the maximum of stars. It will be pretty interesting to do it and it will allow the player to have some really nice fun in a casual game.

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