Download Miasmata

Miasmata is a botanical terror. It is a game where the gamer would have to survive in the wood that is little more than creepy. Imagine getting lost on a deserted island, weak from dehydration and trying to find a way out. This is where things start getting ugly. You get to hear the sound of a creature stalking you and the weak torchlight is of no help whatsoever. The game is about survival amidst dangers unknown. Your struggle against sickness and the elements of nature would help you combat the oddities.

Miasmata is way different from other games and thus, even small breakthroughs feel like major victories. Every step forward can either be rewarding or send you reeling back. It is a first person adventure game which would keep you glued to your seat. The game starts when the protagonist gets infected with a near fatal disease and is exiled by the people. The gamer would manage to reach the desolate Eden Island and take shelter in an abandoned makeshift research facility. The best thing about Miasmata is the fact that you get to explore the mountainous terrain of Eden which has a thick blanket of overgrowth.

In order to leave the island, you would first need to recover from your illness and hence, you would have to find the means of dealing with the same. However, your illness would hardly let you wander in the woods for long. Once the symptoms manifest, you would need to take rest and get your breath back before concentrating on the job at hand. This is where you lie susceptible to the forces of nature and the other dangerous things lurking in the woods. It is a game which would keep you asking for more. The beautiful visuals, easy controls and the amazing storyline, makes Miasmata a good game to lay hands upon.