Mass Effect 3

Download Mass Effect 3

Start playing with a new Commander Shepard, or import your Commander from the previous version. Either way you will have a blast playing Mass effect 3. The set pieces of the game are impressive to look at and that makes the game visually attractive. Planet Earth is under attack and this means that you have to lead Commander Shepard in a way that can redeem the planet and the entire galaxy. You have to defeat the attackers called Reapers and the decisions that you make in the process could have a lasting and catastrophic impact on the entire galaxy.

There is an action mode that you can choose from and this leads to the elimination of all the |RPG choice elements of the conversation of the game. On the other hand you can choose a more story based approach to gaming and this makes the game a little less combative. There is a multiplayer mode that allows you to play different species ranging from Turain, Salarian, Asari, Drell, and of course human. The battles are highly challenging and the enemies really hard to put down.

The story line is complex and the high end decisions that you have to make with a vast impact make the game very emotional and touching. The game is very big and it will take you a lot time to finish it even if you alternate between the two modes of playing. The graphics are very visually stimulating and the sound effects add to the appeal of the game. The combative techniques have been vastly improved, letting you experiment with various new means of fighting. The only downside is that the excessive focus on action takes away the focus on the RPG mode of playing and this may disappoint its fan. All in all it’s a great game to play.