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Lord of Vandaria is a game with a little bit of a fictional historical fact added to it. There is a small story that will introduce the player to the gameplay, in the beginning, and afterwards he will have to continue with that story in order to achieve the required outcome. It will not be easy, of course, but if you want to become a Lord, then you will have to overcome all of the problems that may arise and you will have to prove that you are the best to rule over the new kingdom. There will be a lot of enemies that will envy your new crown and they will try to take it, of course, but you will have to show them that you are the only ruler that will be.

The War of Destiny is the name of this game and it will prove to be so, because now it will be the deciding moment for hundreds of years after this crucial battle. But the battle will not come until the very end of the campaign, and this will allow the future Lord to prepare himself and to find out all of the required things that are required for him to win the battle in which he will take part.

There is a lot of strategical thought required in this game and those that enjoy RTS or TBS games will definitely have their share here, because this is what is the game based on, they will have to think strategically in order to win the game. There are also some training missions that will allow the player to learn how to control the hero because there will be some fighting along the way and an untrained fighter will not stand a chance in a major battle field.

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