Download Kingdom of Liars 1

Point and click adventure games might not be for everyone, but this is just a matter of preferences. The majority of gamers tend to play games that give them a higher mobility around the area of gameplay, but this is not the case with all of the people. Point and click adventures might be interesting, too, if a player knows how to deal with such a game. These games do not require too much thinking, either, they will rather use the intuition of the player in order to achieve the desired outcomes of their actions during the game.

The game's graphics are built in a cartoonish way but they look really nice and they add up to the overall gameplay of the game which is still great. There is a story that will introduce the player to the actual gameplay - a short synopsis will be presented in the beginning and as the game progresses, the player will understand more details about the story and he will be more able to solve the puzzles that are featured in the game. The intuition will really pay off in this game but some strategical thinking will also be good when it comes to different moments in the game.

The city in which the game takes place is pretty big and the network of streets is awful. It will be pretty hard to find your way around but if you use the map it should be easier. Overall, the game looks nice and it is a pleasure to play it, because the characters that you will encounter will further help you to immerse into the story and feel the character. You will definitely enjoy how the game works and the end will not disappoint you, because you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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