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There are quite a few Flash games in which the main objective is serving the customers by listening to their orders. The player then has to use all of the ingredients in the right order in order to serve the dish or whatever the customer wants to buy and he will earn money this way. Jacksmith follows that simple gaming concept but it also takes it to a whole new level, because this time will not have to prepare burgers or hot dogs - he will work as a blacksmith and he will have to forge weapons for the customers that need to go to war.

In the beginning, he will only be able to create long swords, the most basic weapon. Along with this, he can only use copper in order to create these swords. They are not the best, definitely, but they will do their job at slashing a couple of enemies. The blacksmith will receive some money for these swords and he will be able to either make more or to find new weapon schematics in order to do something new and different that will be more valuable on the market.

There will also be more metals available for forging - there are five different metals in total, starting with copper, then going on with bronze, iron, steel and gold. However, some people will want special weapons that are not created for battle. These weapons are made out of crystal and they require a lot of work in order to get them done, but they are also the most valuable weapons that a player can sell to the customers. After a batch of customers receives their swords, they and the blacksmith will engage in a short battle and the player will have to give his aid in order for them to win.

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