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Jacko in Hell 2 comes to bring gamers even greater adventures in which they will have to fight against the forces of evil as they go through hell. The first game of the series followed the main character, Jack, as he went into hell in order to retrieve an object that was stolen from him by the demons. He had a tough job there but he succeeded, however, the things did not remain calm after this little battle between Jack and the devils. They want more from him and he is ready to destroy them, once and for all.

Jack is the main character of the game and he has a pretty interesting appearance. He is very skinny and he has a big pumpkin head that is carved just like a classic Halloween pumpkin. He will be able to change his head along the game if he finds better and more interesting ones, but this is mainly just for fun and it does not have an impact to the game. The demons were harassing Jacko after he left hell for the first time and this time he is back, in order to destroy every demon that will appear in his path.

It will definitely not be an easy job but there is no one else that can get access here in order to destroy them and he will not be able to escape, either, if he does not reach the end of the dungeons in which he will have to enter, in a linear way. The game is not hard to beat if the player accommodates with the requirements that must be met in order to take care of everything. The spooky graphics are really interesting, especially for a game designed in Flash, they look more then be

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