Download Imagia 2: The Dome

The second installment in the Imagia 2 series brings in more adventure elements that the player will have to discover as he travels through the Dome in order to find his way out, but not only. The character was trapped for an unknown reason inside the dome and being there is very dangerous for him, so he must find a way out. However, finding this way is not the easiest thing that he might have done until now, because the Dome is mainly built like a maze and traveling through it will be quite stressful because the player can never know what he will find in the next room.

There are also a lot of interesting elements in the rooms and the player will enjoy getting to know all of them because they will prove to be really helpful and the hero will definitely need all of the help that he can find in order to get past these obstacles. The elements that he can use are stored in his inventory and he will be able to use them, but he must find the perfect object for a certain occasion in order to make it work, otherwise he will have to look more. The game is really interesting considering this aspect and the players that enjoy the genre will also like this.

There are also some collectible elements in the Dome but the player will have to pay more attention in each room if he wants to grab them all, because they are not put directly in the view field of the player. He will have to interact with other certain objects in order to also find the pieces that resemble the diagram. This diagram will help him to have a better exit from the Dome, which might become a dangerous trap.

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