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The goblin is trying to reach for the treasure but the road until there is long and there are a lot of dangers on the way, so he will have to find another solution in order to reach for the place of the treasure that he wants so much, and the only way that he sees his dream achievable is to fly. But there are no flying goblins, so he will definitely not be able to do this on his own, but maybe with a little bit of help he will be able to fly, even if he does it just in cannon ball style.

He finds the greatest help in the person of his older brother, and he is not only older, but also much bigger and stronger, so he will be able to build and mount on himself a giant catapult that will be used in order to help Goblin to reach the treasure that is at the end of the dangerous road. In the beginning they will only be able to do some basic flying because the goblin has no upgrades available, but as the time passes and they do it more frequently, they will also earn money.

With this money, the player will be able to upgrade the catapult and its power, the armor of the goblin and other bonuses that will help him get further away and reach the treasure. The armor is really useful because the goblin might reach wooden spikes placed on the ground and there is definitely not something pleasant to get stuck in them and not be able to continue with the jumping. He will bounce off the ground a couple of times and he will come back flying, but this will happen only if he reaches a flat surface and not an obstacle.

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