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If you love challenges then you would surely love From Dust. The game comes loaded with challenges and includes good environmental design. In From Dust, the gamer gets to wield God like powers as raising mountains, changing the course of the river and turning deserts into green forests. However, you are not omnipotent! Nature seems to wield a power far greater than yours and hence, you would have to protect your people from the various natural forces. Unforeseen dangers are always lurking around the corner and thus, you would have to be ready to face every challenge that comes in your way.

From Dust is known for its appealing soundtrack, engaging story and amazing visuals. The game allows you to fiddle with the display mode, screen resolution and the refresh rate. You get to access the adapter version as well. Like most of the games these days, From Dust boasts of better visuals than its Xbox 360 version. The game includes good physics and makes sense all throughout. In From Dust, the gamer gets to play the role of a holding sphere known as Breath. Your basic quality would be your skill of holding substances and using it as and when required.

The basic job of the gamer in From Dust is to help people survive. The game has been well conceptualized as wielding powers as the ones mentioned is indeed fun. There is a lot to be done in From Dust and this is what makes it so different from other games of the genre. The game has its own set of problems, but it still manages to woo all.

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