Friday the 13th 3D

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Video games have always caught the attention of millions worldwide. They are very fascinating and feel very realistic and closer to life with the high level of graphics they come packed with these days. A good storyline, great attention to details, interesting gameplay and a good story is all that is desired in today’s games. Packing up all these features into a single pack can be tough task but professionals at Havoc Games have proved otherwise. With the advent of Friday the 13th 3D, the gaming world has been shook and has completely redefined its collection of games. Friday the 13th 3D is a direct influence of the epic movie Friday the 13th and hails its storyline strongly from it.

The game has been developed with the story of the original movie in mind. Friday the 13th 3D is the direct avatar of the cult movie which had attained such great fame. The game is designed in the third person and the player gets to take on the role of the protagonist of the original movie who goes by the name of Jason Voorhees. The objective of the game is to trace back the path to Camp Blood and the protagonist has to do this by any means necessary including killing teenagers ruthlessly.

Friday the 13th 3D has the following interesting and challenging features which make it such a huge hit and has led to the creation of its huge fan base: six different levels with multiple weapon choices which includes one secret weapon to be used in dire circumstances, the protagonist can wield two weapons simultaneously, a huge collection of costumes to choose from for Jason Voorhees and much more. In short, Friday the 13th 3D is a great game in its genre and has an amazing test run with game critics all over.