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Elf Story is an interesting action game that allows the player to engage in a twisted story in order to find out the truth behind all of the recent happenings that have been troubling the people around the Elf town. Many people from this village disappeared mysteriously and they are nowhere to be found. There is little hope for them to still be alive, but the fellow elves are still searching for them - more painful, even some of these rescuers disappear from the face of the earth. Could it be someone else that will help all of the people come back home?

There is a mysterious elf in the village and one day, he decided that he will be the one who will go in order to find out the truth - he is not the first one to do this; there were other people who tried to discover what happens around the village but they all disappeared without a trace. However, it seems like the other elves are trusting this mysterious one and they might actually give him a helping hand on the way. All it takes is for him to motivate them in order to become more aware of the dangers and prepare for a battle.

The player will have to go along with the Elf in order to find out the story that he is working on to discover its mysteries. In the beginning it should not be too hard to do progress, but as the story goes on and the Elf finally finds the source of the disappearances, it will become much more difficult and the player will have to find a good solution and weapon in order to get over the obstacles that appear in his way and threaten his progress, but moreover, threatens his life.

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