Dead Rising II: Off the Record

Download Dead Rising II: Off the Record

Dead Rising II: Off the Record, developed by Capcom with Blue Castle Games is the second installment of Dead Rising II including new missions, weapons, enemies, environments and cutscenes. Off The Record is a game that provides as much entertainment as the previous Dark Rising II. The game is set in amazing locales and is loaded with secrets to be revealed. It’s an action adventure that has multiplayer options.

How is it any different from other games of this genre? Well, Dead Rising II: Off the Record doesn't include timed levels and hence, amateurs can always take their time at zombie hunting. The plot of the game is quite similar to the previous release. The gamers get to don the role of Frank West, who is out to find the mastermind behind the Zombie epidemic. If you have had a go at the original Dead Rising II, you would find this sequel to be largely the same, apart from a few twists in the story.

Dead Rising II: Off the Record is a good game by all standards. It has been decently designed and the visuals speak volumes for the same. The game has additional hours of playing since the inclusion of the sandbox mode. Though it seems a bit repetitive at times, it is great fun to batter a zombie until its cranium crumbles. The graphics, including the wooden animations are decent. It has an impressive frame rate. The voice acting is awesome and the famished zombies are a treat to watch. It's worth the price for all those who have never played a similar game before.