Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - The Wise Monkey

Download Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller – The Wise Monkey

Cognition’s second episode, The Wise Monkey pays homage to the televised serial police dramas. The game is a tightly-paced thriller which makes you wonder if FBI agents are ordinary humans or relentless investigating machines. After the traumatic events of The Hangman, Erica is back at work again, solving yet another gruesome case. Minutes after The Wise Monkey begins, Erica’s colleague/romantic interest, Sully, is attacked and kidnapped right in front of her. Sully becomes the latest victim of the Wise Monkey serial killer. And so Erica sets out to find the killer.

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller - The Wise Monkey is much more focused than its predecessor. The personal nature of the game adds to the excitement, especially when you realize that nobody else in the agency is doing anything to find Sully’s killer. The characters are fleshed out pretty well in this episode, and it is a treat to watch them in turmoil providing the necessary thrills of a crime story. But there are enough moments of humor, neither less nor more, but just enough. Perhaps, the thinning patience of Erica’s character prevents humor to destroy the overall tone of the plot. Puzzles are one of The Wise Monkey’s most obvious improvements.

As you delve deep into the game, you would find Erica’s cognition abilities to have improved and become more prominent. Other than the cognition puzzles, everything seems quite logical and with a certain degree of challenge as well. The investigation gets grisly at times, with some notable compelling twists and turns, thus adding to the charm of the game.