Download ClickPLAY 2

ClickPLAY 2 is the sequel to the original game in the series. This is a nice game that is highly enjoyable and it will be really interesting to get through all of the levels. The game features the same interesting method of getting through the levels, but of course, there is not the same gameplay in this series of levels, too. This time the things have become more intricate and it will be more difficult to find a solution. This is the main reason for which the player should check the first ClickPLAY game before he gets into the second one, because doing this will allow the player to better understand the mechanism of play and he will be able to solve the second package of levels with more ease rather than doing it from scratch.

However, the main objective of the game is the same like in the first one. The player will have to check the area that is around the arena in order to find the play button. However, this is harder than it actually seems because that play button will not be as easy as the player might think to find out where is the button, because the developer really took his time in order to create the levels and to thoroughly hide those small play buttons.

However, for a trained eye, it should not be too hard to solve the puzzles. The game is not designed to strain the mind of the player and this is an advantage because other point and click games tend to frustrate the player to the point in which he will not continue the game anymore. This Flash game is far from this concept and it will be pretty easy to get used to the game without getting angry too soon.

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