Download Cardinal Quest

Cardinal Quest is a good flash game that aims to give the player a good challenge that he will have to get through with a blood stained sword, because this is the only way in which the character will be able to triumph over the enemies that are struggling to take him down. The game is designed as a rogue one and the players that get through it will definitely enjoy all of the features that are added into it and spice up the whole gameplay until the very end, which is pretty far, even if the game is only a Flash one.

The gameplay is really interesting and everything that the game features is encompassed in a really nice story that is really enjoyable and allows the player to immerse into it, in order to better understand the character and the reasons that he has to do all of the actions that are added into the game. Everything is contained in a quest line that will unravel throughout a series of challenges that will be constantly offered to the player in order to advance through the story and find out every secret of the Cardinal Quest.

The player will be able to choose between three different character classes in order to better create the character that suits him best. This feature also allows the game to have a bigger replay value and the players that want to try out more warrior classes will definitely enjoy the fact that they can do this with ease after they finish the game once. The graphics of the game might not be the best, they are two dimensional but they have some good textures around, and they should be enough for the game, considering that it was fully designed in Flash and it has a small size.

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