Caesar III

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As the name implies, Caesar III is all about urban management set in the early Roman Empire. However, unlike most of such strategy games where you mark your territory and help it grow, Caesar III makes you perform an array of things. It is in the same lines as the ‘Age of Empires’ games. Caesar III is said to be a combination of SimCity and Settler II, but in reality it outperforms both these games in every aspect of it. This is why Caesar III has been able to make a name for itself and proven to be so enjoyable.

Caesar III is a mission oriented game where you are to complete certain laid down goals and achieve target scores. Every time you achieve your goal, the game would give you an option to choose between two areas. Hence, you get to choose a map depending upon the hostility that you wish to face. Caesar III is called an urban management game, chiefly because it is more about planning and thriving in difficult situations. Every new level that you proceed to is a step harder to survive and thus is more fun to play.

Another aspect of Caesar III is to please the Gods. Yes, you read it right! Ceres, Venus, Mars, Mercury and Neptune demand constant attention from the commoners and hence, you would have to see to it that they are happy and satisfied or else you would have to face their wrath. The game might not be a big name in the world of strategy games, yet it is fun to play. For those who are not much into wars and instead like the strategy part of these strategy games, Caesar III would indeed be flattering. The best thing about Caesar III is the fact that it is rather easy to install and requires very little resources.