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One of our favorite past time has been playing video games. But with time we have developed the tendency and habit of playing the video games in our PCs rather than in video game machines like we were used to in our childhood days. So to satisfy our wants, here has come the new amazing online 3D video game and also a creative tool ‘Atmosphir’. Why would we like to play in 2D when we are getting a 3D free online tool like the ‘Atmosphir’?

Atmosphir is an amazing online video game enabling players not only to play but also to share their own created 3D levels. It is a platform where apart from playing we can also browse and rate the 3D levels created by other players. The game is divided basically into two parts:playing and designing. Each level of this game has got ratings, description and user comments enabling users a better understanding of the game. Players can choose to play the levels using different modes like the solo, co-op or competitive. There are different themes of objects to choose from when levels are built. Also the cartoon characters of this game are a real fun to play with.

One of the distinguishing feature of Atmosphir is its design mode. Here players can make their own distinctive levels which may be difficult for the other players to overcome. Once a player has finished creating his level he can name it along with a description and allow other users to rate, comment or edit it. If any other member thinks of the level to be high then it can be chosen as a level which will need other players to gain experience to beat. So start making your past times more adventurous and fun with ‘Atmosphir’.