Download Alice: Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns is an exciting looking game set in a twisted fantasy world. The game has established itself owing to the creepy wonderland feel, graceful controls, fun combat, amazing weapons and a place worth exploring. The game has evolved over its former self and has turned more thrilling than before. In Alice: Madness Returns, Alice’s dream world seems to have turned into a dark creature and she is undergoing strange and torturous hallucinations.

Alice: Madness Returns has been a long awaited sequel to its former self. The creative but creepy visuals add charm to the game. The game has a surreal vibe to itself which makes things further thrilling and spine chilling. The game is replete with hidden objects and hence, the gamer would be inspired to explore the doll house fantasyland. Overall, Alice: Madness Returns establishes itself as a decent game set in an extraordinary world. The fantasy land is nothing like what we have seen in Alice in Wonderland and is rather the opposite. It is a land full of mysteries and nightmares.

As you delve deep into the game, you would find the chapters to be way different from each other. Each has a different theme which by no means can be described in one or two words. The rusted platform, yellow background, giant forks and clock towers, all have a nightmarish feel. The game can be best experienced with a controller; however, the traditional keyboard-mouse combo would do just fine. The game is fun to play and worth the money. This is the reason perhaps that thousands of gamers around the globe vouch for Alice: Madness Returns.

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