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The creators of the Epic Battle Fantasy game series are now back with an even better game than the previous one, or at least this is what they hope regarding the reaction of the public. They might have did it good, because this game has a high quality, even for a Flash game, and players that go on and complete this adventure will definitely have a fun time along the way, because there are a lot of colorful and intriguing places on the way, among different characters that might give a helping hand to the player or contrary, who might provoke him to a fight.

The game also has role playing elements as the player will be able to customize his character in order to make him better with weapons or skills - such elements are necessary in the game because the player will encounter all kinds of enemies and he will have to find a way to deal with them, even if in the beginning it might seem difficult. When a physical attack is not enough, the player can take the fight to a new level and use magical attacks in order to take the enemy down once and for all.

The graphics of the game are excellent, allowing the players to have a nice experience, especially for a Flash game. However, the majority of the players will rather prefer to concentrate more on the game play, but some might enjoy taking a peek at the graphics in a moment when they do not have to fight, because in such moments the game goes at a pretty fast pace and the player will need the maximum amount of concentration in order to take down the enemies that will threaten him. Overall, Adventure Story is exactly the game described in the title, with a good quality.

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