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A Knight’s Quest is an interesting game that will allow players to have a lot of fun while playing through the adventure that was created in the story. The first thing that the player will be able to see is that there are some differences between the overall times in which the game takes place. The title might trick the player into thinking that the action of the game takes place somewhere in medieval times. However, this is not entirely the case and the player will have to think a little bit in order to find out what is happening.

The player will have to start the quest from his house and in the beginning, he will have to get through the garden in which he has to inspect a few items. The problem of the game, which will have to be solved, is that the knight's mother is out of a special milk that was found in the surroundings of her house, at some special animals. This milk was used to create a special cake that cannot be cooked now, so the knight will have to go in a quest that will prove to be much more interesting than he would have expected.

The knight will reach a night club that has apparently appeared out of nowhere and he will have to talk to the bodyguard out there in order to have access inside. However, this is a very unusual encounter, considering the fact that the player will find out that the knight comes from older times than that club, and he has no idea how that construction got there. However, the game should be played by those that want a humorous story rather than a good structured one, because the developers just wanted to create a full of comic game.

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