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Zombotron 2 is the sequel to the original game with the same title and this might already tell the player that something good is in store this time, as the action will be more tensed and more fast paced as he tries to reach for the end of each level in order to get at a safe spot. These safe spots are rare outside but in the caverns they seem to be more familiar. Probably people managed to secure them easier in here, so that's why they sit around here and not wander outside.

The hero of the game still has to get through caverns in order to reach his objective and on his way he will have to clear them from the nasty zombies that appeared here a while ago. They have been attacking and transforming people in the underground, but now it is the time for them to be stopped and the only one that can do this is our hero, that goes again in the battle. This time he will start with a pistol and on his way he will able to purchase better weaponry, but only if he manages to gather the required points in order to make the purchase.

He will be able to access the shop after he reaches the end of the level and there he will be able to purchase a better weapon in order to blast off the zombies with more ease. Sooner or later, such a weapon upgrade will be mandatory and the player will have to take it, but it will also be really useful, especially if he happens to reach stronger boss zombies, that will otherwise kill him pretty fast if they manage to get him. The graphics of the game are also really nice, despite the game being designed in Flash.

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