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Zombie Train is that kind of game that someone might want to play in order to kill some enemies that must be destroyed because they endanger the overall population. Others might have a coffee break and they might also want to play the game in order to kill some time, along with the monsters. Whatever the reason would be, people can definitely enjoy the game as they kill zombies, but this time they will not have to do it out in the wild, but inside a crammed place that might give some a claustrophobic feeling.

The action of the game takes place in a train and the player will have to survive until the train reaches the end of the line because hopefully, he will find help there. There are a lot of obstacles on the way, though, and he will have to face every monster in order to avoid being attacked or even worse, bitten and transformed into a zombie, too. This means that the player will need pretty good reflexes in order to turn around and kill of the zombies that want to destroy the humans they sense.

The game will get increasingly difficult and the player will have to find a solution in order to kill all of the zombies that appear in the three train carriages. Thankfully, a miraculous upgrade shop is available and as the player earns points by killing zombies, he will have the possibility to also purchase better weapons that can be used better in combat. And these weapons will be really necessary when things get more fast paced and the player will need a lot more attention in order to kill all of the zombies that come from a lot of directions, trying to get a bite from the hero that is defending himself.

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