Download Unreal Flash 3

Unreal Flash 3 is the third installment of the action series that are really interesting to play in order to continue with the story that was presented in the other two games of the series. The second game in the series was only developed in 2007 but since then, the developers allowed themselves some time in order to create something good, even if they still did it in Flash. The programming language allowed the developers to add some new and interesting stuff in the game in order to allow the players to have more fun than in the previous games.

The game will have to be firstly played in the story mode by the player in order to unlock the other mode, the free one. The story mode will allow the player to get himself into the story while aiding the character. The player has to infiltrate in a secret base in order to get down to the main boss and kill him, because he plans to destroy the surroundings an take over a whole country. He must be stopped at all costs and the only one that can do this is the player.

After each level or battle, the player will be sent to a screen that shows him statistics of the battle in which he took part and he will be able to make use of the upgrades that can be purchased in order to become better in battle. The team of the player will receive bonus points if the enemies are killed in a certain way and because of this, the player will have to move fast in order to reach out for all of the combos. The graphics of the game are pretty good and enjoyable, and the players that get into this game should definitely check everything out.

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