The War Z

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For those who love to have a go at zombies, a new game titled The War Z would indeed be a treat. It is a multiplayer game which lets you enjoy zombie shooting in open terrain against the backdrop of concrete buildings and an uninhabited city. The concept of the game is quite simple and basically represents Dean Hall’s much popular ARMA II: Combined Ops mod DayZ. The game starts in the post apocalyptic era where the city of Colorado is infested by zombies.

So, what is this game all about? Well, the rules of the game are quite simple and all you need to worry about is staying alive. While most of the modern games hitting the shelves these days have a strong or moderate story-line  this new baby has no such thing to boast about. Neither does it have any goal or quest feature. Yet, it scores well with its clean graphics and easy interface. It would surely attract amateurs who love shooting games as you get to go all guns blazing and kill the ugly looking zombies who (obviously) try to give you a brutal death.

Apart from the things that are already mentioned, you get to loot the slain zombies for meager cash. This would help you buy guns and ammunition's  However, for those who wish to go loaded into the game, you can spend a little fortune of yours in real life and get all the help you need for the game. However, what makes this more fun is that players often try to kill each other for extra cash as killing other players is way easier than killing those zombies. Hence, avoid any contact with other players and try not to step into their traps. Getting killed in an ambush by other players is the last thing that you would want in The War Z.