The Club

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If you are looking for some mind blowing action and a very intricate plot that will get you addicted, then look no further than The Club. This game promises you some action packed fights and amazing graphics that will make you feel like you are a part of a movie! There is a cinematic at the beginning of the game that will get you an idea of all the characters and the plot of the game, so do not skip through it. There is also a quick yet helpful tutorial that will help you with the controls and the ropes of the game. this will include use of weapons, movement controls and the basic scoring combo information.

The best thing about The Club is that you have to be painfully precise in order to win the highest points on the board. If you kill someone by shooting them in the head, that will gain you higher points than blasting through them with the help of a machine gun. Also, of you involve yourself in combat that tests your reflexes and quick movements, then you will be able to gain more points. There are special signs in the scenery that are hidden, and you will have to look for them in order to get points.

The graphics in The Club are stunning to say the least and the detailing is so realistic that for not a single second will you feel like you are just sitting before your computer. There is an online gaming mode in The Club that makes the overall experience of playing the game far better and more entertaining. The physics of the game are second to none and precision is what the game stands for. The plot and the game play are very engaging and make an amazing gaming experience.