Download Swamp Attack for PC Windows

Swamp Attack for PC Windows is definitely the game, which will require every bit of determination and skills on the part of all its players to help defend their house against the marauding pack of animals. This game requires android users to be brave enough to survive the onslaughts from the evil zombie animals by using various weapons and adopting the right strategy. The game is free to play but players can opt to purchase various items to help them progress through all the levels at a faster pace.

Swamp Attack for PC Windows consists of 4 episodes that include 78 different episodes, which is going to be enough to keep the players engrossed for hours at a stretch. Moreover, there is a Quick Mission for all those players who crave for instant action. Players get to select from an awesome collection of 10 different defense tools, which includes the likes of reckless minigun, mighty shotgun, and super atom bomb.

Players need to handle unique attacks from 15 different critters by tapping the screen to shoot their weapons. They can use the explosives by dragging and dropping them onto the monsters.  Moreover, they can upgrade their weapons while starting new level, and use potions to refill their energy instantly. This game is available at bluestack app player.

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