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Retro games are still making a buzz throughout the gamers community, especially the ones that are built lately and they go back to the roots of gaming, allowing younger people to experience the pure arcade fun of older games. These games do not need too much of a storyline in order to have a continuous action and the player can get into the fire of the battle pretty fast and they can also get out of it with ease if they are good enough. Or... they can choose the more shameful way and they can get beaten down by the enemies.

However, for Superfighters this is definitely not the case because these fighters are trained on the streets and they definitely know how to handle themselves in a brawl. However, they will sometimes have powerful challenges from the enemies as they can be too many and the player could not have the opportunity to use a better hit in order to take down more of them. However, this should not be the case, overall, and the players should have the possibility to take down the enemies that appear with more ease that they might think.

In order to preserve the retro feeling of the game, the graphics are also designed to resemble the older games that were concentrated purely on the game play and not on graphics or other elements. The storyline mentioned before is a classic one, that does not require too many things in order to get through it. The bad guys are back in town and the team of Superfighters is here, too, so the latter ones will have to beat the hell out of the bad guys that want to take over the town and they will have to make the city back a protected place.

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