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Super Smash Bros. Brawl ZX is a freeware gaming application that comes under the Action game genre. As suggested by its name, this game involves fighting and therefore requires some amount of skill from the user’s end. A gaming app that has been designed and developed by Wounami, this is regarded as a MUGEN game that can be implemented in various Windows based systems such as Windows 7, NT, XP, and Vista versions. There are around 22 stages or levels in this game and you can choose your virtual character from among 41 identities. Some of the popular identities in this game include Mario and Sonic.

The game also offers several gaming modes such as Classic, Adventure, Survivor, etc. For the benefit of new users, there is a Training mode that will help you hone your fighting skills and enable you to try out your various fighting moves and enhance your skills. There is also a Watch mode, in which you can view other players fighting it out with each other. This can be interesting for those who are new to this game or new to this genre of application itself. It will help you understand how to play this game and the skills you would need to tackle your enemies. The other major gaming modes are discussed here.

The Classic mode where the player takes on the computer and the Classic vs mode where the player gets into a one on one combat with another player. The Adventure Brawl where you are part of a team and fight against the computer or the Vs Brawl mode where one team takes on another team. The Team Adventure Brawl is another innovative mode where you can team up with other teams and take on the computer. The Survivor mode tests your ability to withstand the attack, the longer you stay the more your points. And the Survivor Team is a team play game where your team has to survive the endless battle. With several interesting gaming modes and numerous options with regards to choosing your virtual character, this game is considered an ideal entertainment for those interested in this genre of gaming applications.

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