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Retriever is a good fast paced game that will put your skills to the test as you try to defeat all of your opponents - you will have the opportunity to use a huge variety of weapons in order to take down your enemies. They have stolen a whole bag of money and they have stole it from you. Because of this, you will have to take revenge, but you are alone and they are a whole army in a huge building complex, so your mission will be pretty difficult. The level will go on from a level to another with the view from side, just like in any classic platformer game.

Of course, there is a platformer element in the game but overall, the action is the main element that will define the game and to which you will have to stick. There is not much time to think the actions that you are about to undergo so you will have to move fast in order to destroy everyone that stands in your way. Some enemies will be much powerful that you could have expected and this is a major issue for which you will have to find the best weapons around.

Some of them are actually hidden through the levels of the map but if you are not too much of a treasure hunter you can purchase them from the shop when they become available. You will have the possibility to purchase them using the money you earned while killing the enemies in the previous levels. Moreover, you can also purchase better armors and other elements that will definitely help you throughout the game. It will be pretty interesting to get through all of the levels of the game and fight the final boss in order to get back what was stolen from you.

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